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Nudibranch Domain

Images and Information about Sea Slugs from around the world

This is a site for aficionados of nudibranchs and their sea slug relatives, who want more than pretty pictures. At the launch the site is populated with an image of each species sighted on the Sunshine Coast, southern Queensland, Australia by  The Sunshine Coast Sea Slug Survey Team.

As the site develops, information, more images and references about each of the species will be added providing a helpful and valuable resource. The many hundreds of Indo-Pacific species, recorded by The Team when overseas, will also be regularly added significantly broadening the resource.

There are three ways to get your hit of Sea Slug knowledge.

  1. Species Profile features information about specific sea slugs. Navigate, Identify and Learn about species via the lists. Notification of the latest expanded entry will appear below on the Home Page.
  2. NudiNote features specific topics that can be sourced via its Archive. Notification of the latest entry will appear below on the Home Page.
  3. Understanding Nudibranchs is a book on general sea slug biology and behaviour that will be posted in parts, as they are completed.

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The Sea Slug Snippet

Murphydoris sp. Undescribed

​Small – 5 mm. Semitranslucent with opaque white pigment, dense on notum, sparser to body sides. Irregular brown patches between rhinophores and gill, on sides of body wall and often an anterior vertical stripe bisecting a light yellow transverse band on “face”. Band of light yellow to notal brim and on midline, posterior to gill. Smooth rhinophores translucent with dusting of white to distal half. Pair of extrabranchial process and gill tipped in light yellow. [Goniodoridella sp. 02 of NSSI, 2018]

Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia


Latest NudiNote

NudiNotes are interesting and informative short articles about sea slugs and their behaviour.

THURIDILLA THRILLS – Sea Slug Eye Candies That Aren’t Nudibranchs

THURIDILLA THRILLS Sea Slug Eye Candies That Aren’t Nudibranchs Thuridilla is a tropical and warm temperate genus of sea slug species belonging to the diverse sap-sucking order Sacoglossa. If you are looking for out-of-this-world colour contrasts and combinations to...

VEXATIOUS VARIABILITY – No. 4 Mexichromis mariei

VEXATIOUS VARIABILITY - No. 4 Mexichromis mariei Mexichromis mariei, (Crosse, 1872) originally described as Goniodoris mariei back in 1872 from a single specimen collected in New Caledonia, can be quite variable in presentation. “This is one of the most variably...

Illusory – Delusory – Elusory

Illusory - Delusory - Elusory - The Art Of Blending In - Sea Slugs that mimic their food or other invertebrates in the habitat. In other NudiNotes we have looked at the many ways that sea slugs mimic other sea slugs, sea slugs that advertise their colourful presence...


FAKE - FRAUDULENT - FALLACIOUS Mimics of Sea Slugs Other NudiNotes have discussed sea slugs that look like other sea slugs (see Specious Sea Slugs NudiNote), for a number of complex reasons, and all the confusion that it causes taxonomists, the publishers of...


THE STORY BEHIND A NAME Chromodoris elisabethina Definitive information about the taxonomic history of Chromodoris elisabethina together with some attractive (dare I say pretty) and some not so attractive pictures, but nevertheless informative. A story of misspelling,...

SPECIOUS SEA SLUGS – Cryptics Mimics Variations & Morphs

SPECIOUS SEA SLUGS Specious: misleading in appearance, superficially plausible but actually incorrect. Cryptics Mimics Variations & Morphs Most divers just enjoy their recreation with little exposure to, or even interest in, the scientific process. They take...


Above: Doto rosacea, displaying all the standard Dendronotina characteristics -  large rhinophoral sheaths, branching appendages arranged down the lateral sides of the notum and feeding upon hydroids. DELVING INTO DENDRONOTINIDS If you have been reading the NudiNotes...


NUDIBRANCH GILL GUARDING Shell-less but not defenceless The sea is full of hungry mouths, many many hungry mouths either lying patiently in ambush or constantly on the move, in all directions, hunting for any opportunity to take a bite and feed. The last thing any...

THE ALLURING ARDEADORIS – Some examples of the genus

THE ALLURING ARDEADORIS - Some examples of the genus Some nudibranchs are both a delight to find and undemanding to photograph. Every time I happen across a species of Ardeadoris, concerns of composition and exposure just melt away as I enjoy myself, capturing their...

RUDIE NUDIES – The Mating Game

RUDIE NUDIES - The Mating Game Nudibranch aficionados, those individuals who spend their time searching the ocean floor for the slimy objects of their desire, will at sometime or other have come across pairs of them conjugating. Because they fertilise internally (with...

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Species Profile

All species sighted have been listed on the website with at least one image. There is an ongoing update process whereby information about each species including references and additional images will be added. As each species is enhanced it will be featured here as a temporary notification of that latest update.

Information about this species has been added to its page with references. Additional images have been added to the gallery.

News and Updates

SEA SLUG VIDEOS are now being added to the Species Profile pages.
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