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Babakinidae Family

Family Babakinidae

The family Babakinidae contains only the genus Babakina. The body shape is broad to tapering posteriorly with a distinct ridge at the edge of the dorsum, the foot being narrower than the body. Anteriorly the foot is developed each side into tentacular corners (propodial tentacles). There are well developed oral tentacles that taper from a wide base. The rhinophores are comparatively large (bushy looking), perfoliate on the posterior face, with a distal knob and share a common base or stalk. This fused base is characteristic. The numerous cerata cover the dorsum densely but are not arranged into any distinct clusters. The branches of the digestive gland that penetrate the cerata may or may not be visible. Babakinids are thought to feed upon hydroids.

Species in this Family (sighted)