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Samlidae Family

Family Samlidae

This is a new family (2017) of aeolids that has been raised and includes one new genus – Luisella, with a single species, and a resurrected genus – Samla that mostly contains some of the species from the traditional Flabellina. The body form is narrow and a notal edge is either present although discontinuous – Samla, or completely absent – Luisella. Species in this family may grow to 30 mm. The cerata are arranged in several distinct rows – Luisella, or in separate clusters on elevated rows with a single precardiac cluster – Samla. The rhinophores are perfoliated, rarely annulated, and shorter than the oral tentacles. The eye spots are positioned at the base of each rhinophore. The oral tentacles are always of a distinctive length and tapered however sometimes their distal ends are expanded into palps. Anterior foot corners are present as moderate to long tentacles (propodial tentacles). The tail is normally short and gradually tapered. There are no separate gill structures with gaseous exchange taking place through the thin walls of the body and cerata. They feed upon hydroids.