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Dendronotidae Family

Family Dendronotidae

This family contains a single genus the Dendronotus. The body is elongated and translucent in most with the mantle skirt being absent and the foot tapering to a point. The family is characterised by the presence of numerous processes arranged down the lateral edges of the dorsum. In most these are highly branched but in some only slightly branched (dendro meaning tree) and usually decrease in size posteriorly. These act as secondary gills for gaseous exchange and also receive branches of the diverticula. The rhinophores are lamellate and retractable with a raised protective sheath carrying short to long papillae on the top edge. There is a distinct oral veil with up to five pairs of velar processes. Many prey on a wide variety hydroids but burrowing anemones and polyp stages of jellyfish have also been mentioned.

Species in this Family (sighted)

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