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Dotidae Family

Family Dotidae

Dotids are small nudibranchs, usually < 15 mm in crawling length. They have an elongate body that may look stout if the cerata are thick and clustered on the dorsum. The rhinophores are smooth and tapered with high sheaths. The rim of the sheaths is flared and smooth, but sometimes it has an irregular lip like a spout. There is a small, rounded oral veil that may be extended slightly laterally. The cerata are tuberculate, sometimes with a swollen appearance, and arise dorso-laterally along each side of the body. The tubercles are often arranged in circular tiers on the ceratal body. Branches of the digestive gland extend into the cerata. Small, simple gills are found attached medially to the base of the larger cerata in some species. Dotids feed upon hydroids by sucking out the fluid contents rather than biting off the actual polyps.