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Embletoniidae Family

Family Embletoniidae

The family Embletoniidae contains only the genus Embletonia. Most embletoniids are very elongate though also small. The head is very small with the rhinophores being thin, simple and non-retractile. This family is unique in the Dendronotina being the only members without rhinophoral sheaths. The oral tentacles are very much reduced or lost and the large oral veil has a bilobed appearance which is characteristic of Embletoniidae. They lack a mantle but possess down each side of the body a single row of cerata. The cerata are tubular in shape and singular. The cerata tips end in short rounded branches (usually two or four like fingers) that may bear cnidosacs or terminal pads of nematocysts. Diverticula of the digestive gland extend into the cerata. The anus in all species is located upon the right side between the second and third cerata. Hydroids are the food of most species of embletoniids.

Species in this Family (sighted)