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Limapontiidae Family

Family Limapontiidae

These are generally small sacoglossans; less than 20 mm crawling length. Limapontiids usually have a slender, tapering body which may be concealed by a profusion of cerata. The cerata are fusiform, and variable in size and shape – from long and slender to short and stout – and they may be numerous to completely absent. The anterior edge of the foot is rounded, or rarely, tentacular.
They generally possess long, simple rhinophores sometimes having a lateral groove at their base. The eye spots are located behind the rhinophores on the side of the neck. On the dorsum, well behind the eyes, the hump of the pericardium can be observed.
The anus opens in this vicinity often on a papilla, but sometimes it is just a simple flat pore. Its exact position is a useful character for determining species. Often the digestive gland can be observed within the cerata.
Most limapontiids feed upon algae with some eating the eggs of other sea slugs.