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Chromodoris sp. 05

Species Profile

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Chromodoris sp. 05

Author: Undescribed

Order: Nudibranchia  Family: Chromodorididae

Maximum Size: 25 mm

Sightings: Sunshine Coast


Chromodoris sp. 05 Undescribed

The body shape is elongate-oval and low in profile, in the Chromodoris manner, with the overhanging mantle, in this instance, lying close against the body sides with the foot extending significantly posterior to the mantle as a tapered tail. The smooth mantle of Chromodoris sp. 05 is dark grey to purplish with irregular white patches and randomly distributed longitudinal flecks of white. The mantle margin is white with discontinuous dashes and spots of orange, rather than a continuous band. This arrangement is repeated upon the dorsal surface of the tail. Rhinophore stalks are translucent white with the lamellate clubs being orange with white to the lamellae edges. The rims of the rhinophore pockets are white. The gill forms a circle around the anus, open posteriorly. The gill branches are translucent-white sometimes with orange markings to the outside face.

This species is so very cryptic in its habitat.

Chromodoris sp. 05 is a spongivore, but the preferred type of sponge has not yet been identified.

Distribution is believed to be limited to the east coast of Australia from Queensland to Port Stephens, NSW.

Along with a couple of other presentations this species was previously thought to be a variation of Chromodoris striatella Bergh, 1877. Molecular sequencing, published in Layton et al, 2018, has served to differentiate it as a separate species, identified therein as Chromodoris cf. striatella QLD.

It is two of the Chromodoris striatella images of Debelius & Kuiter, 2007 (upper right: southern Qld and lower centre: Port Stephens, NSW), the Chromodoris striatella of Nimbs & Smith, 2017 and the Chromodoris sp. 17 of Gosliner et al, 2018.

David A. Mullins – December, 2023

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