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Gymnodoris sp. 32

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Gymnodoris sp. 32

Author: Undescribed

Order: Nudibranchia  Family: Gymnodorididae

Maximum Size: 30 mm

Sightings: Anilao, Philippines; Bali, Indonesia


Gymnodoris sp. 32 Undescribed

A large predatory nudibranch that hunts other nudibranchs by following their slime trail.

Elongate when moving and high in profile. Gymnodoris sp. 32 has a translucent white body covered in smooth tubercles – large in area, low in height that vary in size and shape. The base of the tubercles consists of a broad ring of orange stippling and fine reticulated lines. The larger tubercles possess a translucent white centre. Rhinophores are lamellate, low and bulbous, cream in colour sometimes with a light tint of orange. The gill forms a complete circle around the anus with its branches, most usually, carried curved tightly inwards forming a ball with a narrow central opening to the anus. The gill is translucent white with a pattern of reticulated lines of stippled orange. There is no coloured band to the foot margin.

Sometimes confused with Gymnodoris impudica, however that species has orange rhinophores, an orange band to the foot margin and large low orange tubercles that are solid orange in colour.

Distribution has been mainly reported from the “Coral Triangle” at the Philippines, Indonesia and PNG.

It is the Gymnodoris cf. rubropapulosa (from Loloata Is., PNG) of Coleman, 2008.
It is the Gymnodoris sp. 19 of Anderson et al. 2024.

David A. Mullins – May 2024

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