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Gymnodoris sp. 33

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Gymnodoris sp. 33

Author: Undescribed

Order: Nudibranchia  Family: Gymnodorididae

Maximum Size: 8 mm

Sightings: Whitsundays


Gymnodoris sp. 33 Undescribed

The specimen recorded from the Whitsundays region by Julie and Terry was small at 8 mm in length and in shallow water. The body is translucent white with a few isolated, small, raised orange spots. The anterior margin bears a distinctive orange band that runs from the region of one rhinophore around to the other. Rhinophores are bulbous, closely sited together and white in colour. The gills too, are white and arranged in a tight arc around the anus, open posteriorly. Appears to have blunt extensions to the anterior region of the foot.

May be favourably compared to the Gymnodoris sp. 25 of NSSI, 2018, (from PNG & Indonesia) except in that species the orange band to the anterior margin is quite indistinct. May also be compared to the Gymnodoris sp. 47 of NSSI, 2018, except that species exhibits a linear arrangement to the gills and orange tips to the rhinophores. 

Gymnodorids are slugivores, actively hunting and consuming other sea slugs.

David A. Mullins – May 2024

– Gosliner, T. M., Valde ́s, A ́. & Behrens, D. W. (2018). Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification – Indo-Pacific, 2nd Edition. New World Publications, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

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