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Naisdoris vitiligata

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Naisdoris vitiligata

Author: Paz-Sedano, Cobb, Gosliner & Pola, 2024

Order: Nudibranchia  Family: Goniodorididae

Maximum Size: 7 mm

Sightings: Ambon, Indonesia


Naisdoris vitiligata Paz-Sedano, Cobb, Gosliner & Pola, 2024

A small species. The body is broad and flattened with a well-defined notal edge. The notal edge is serrated with some of the serrations being larger and developed into low papillae. There is a mid-dorsal crest, also with serrations, extending from rhinophores to gill and from gill to posterior of body. A pair of long thin and tapered papillae are located anterior to the rhinophores on the edge of the notum. Similarly, the posterior edge carries two papillae, though shorter. The rhinophores are long and bear a dozen or so long lamellae on the posterior face. The gill consists of four simple branches arranged in a semicircle around the anus, open posteriorly.

The colour is generally pinkish. A large mid-dorsal white patch is present between rhinophores and the gill, however this becomes more of a band posterior to the gill. The white patch and band are encircled by a thin brown line. The lateral papillae on the notal edge are yellow as to the low serrated tips on the mid dorsal crest. The anterior pair of papillae are translucent white with yellow bases. Rhinophores are brown and carry a yellow patch or band sub-apically. The gill branches are pink with yellow apices. There is some variability in the colours presented across the species.

Believed to prey upon bryozoans.

Distribution is Western Pacific – Phillipines, Singapore and Indonesia.

This species has, until now, often been confused with Naisdoris liklik (previously Okenia liklik).

This species is the Okenia liklik of Behrens, 2009. (Thought at the time to be an intraspecific variation.)

David A. Mullins – May 2024

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