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Noumeaella rehderi

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Noumeaella rehderi

Author: E. R. Marcus, 1965

Order: Nudibranchia  Family: Facelinidae

Maximum Size: 12 mm

Sightings: Bali, Indonesia; Anilao, Philippines; Whitsundays; Milne Bay, PNG


Noumeaella rehderi E. R. Marcus, 1965

The body is translucent white but with patches of white pigment on the notum. Rhinophores are translucent with white spots and are quite distinctive with a dense cluster of long papillae on the posterior face. Oral tentacles are dark translucent with white spots, relatively long and often project outwards in a wide arc and with a consistent thickness for majority of their length. Slender cerata, sited in widely spaced groups on arches, extend out from the edge of the notum but curve inwards back over the notum. Cerata are pale brown in colour with white spots and often a brown spot towards apices. When entire, the tail is long and tapered and translucent dark with white spots similar to oral tentacles. Anterior corners of foot are well-developed into tentacles. Some specimens can appear darker than most.

Noumeaella rehderi preys upon small hydroids.

Distribution is widespread in the Indo-Pacific.

Species Type Locality is located in the Palau Islands. Described from a single specimen.

It is the Palisa sp. 1 of Rudman, 2005.
It is the Palisa sp. (Heron Island Palisa) of Coleman, 2008.

David A. Mullins – May 2024

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