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Paliota galactica

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Paliota galactica

Author: Pola, Miguel-Gonzalez & Paz-Sedano, 2023

Order: Nudibranchia  Family: Polyceridae

Maximum Size: 20 mm

Sightings: Sunshine Coast


Paliota galactica Pola, Miguel-Gonzalez & Paz-Sedano, 2023

Limaciform body shape with a well-defined ridge to the notal margin most notable anteriorly around head and at mid-length in the region of the gills, being less defined in-between. Tubercles distributed over the body, the largest along the ridge of the notal rim, up to 10 in number. The expanded notal rim anteriorly carries six velar processes of medium size. The non-retractile rhinophores are perfoliate with up to 8 lamellae on the clubs that narrow apically to a small tip. The gill forms a semicircle around the anus and consists of 8 bipinnate branches. There are no extra-branchial processes.

The notum ranges from translucent pale cream to orange with an irregular patterning of brown patches and numerous small white spots. Tubercles are translucent, tipped in white. Rhinophores have stalks coloured similar to the notum while clubs are translucent black with some yellow anteriorly on distal third and a translucent tip. Gill branches are dark brown with yellow tips, on the outer face, plumes are white. Tail coloured irregular black and yellow.

Feeds on arborescent bryozoans.

The authors, (Pola et al, 2023), raised a new genus to accommodate this species based on significant differences in the morphology of the foregut.

Previously listed on this site as Polycera sp. 02 – Change effected 09/11/2023

David A. Mullins – November 2023

– Pola, M., Miguel-Gonzalez, M. & Paz-Sedano, S. (2023). New contributions to the subfamily Polycerinae (Nudibranchia, Polyceridae): description of three new species and one new genus. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 103, e76, 1–18. Published online by Cambridge University Press – S0025315423000607

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