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Pleurobranchaea sp. 01

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Pleurobranchaea sp. 01

Author: Undescribed

Order: Pleurobranchoidea  Family: Pleurobranchidae

Maximum Size: 18 mm

Sightings: Sunshine Coast


Pleurobranchaea sp. 01

This is the first species of the Pleurobranchaea genus to be found here. It looks similar to Pleurobranchaea maculata but following a discussion with Bob Burn we are calling it Pleurobranchaea sp. 1. Bob Burn thinks that this species could possibly be Pleurobranchaea dorsalis Allan, 1933 that is listed as taxon inquirendum on WoRMS. The specimens described by Allan were collected from Botany Bay and Sydney Harbour.

Species of Pleurobranchaea have much more widely separated rhinophores than those of the Pleurobranchus genus that we find quite regularly here.

– Allan, J. K., 1933. Opisthobranchs from Australia. Records of the Australian Museum 18(9): 443-450, plate lvi

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