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Roxaniella leucampyx

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Roxaniella leucampyx

Author: (Burn, 1978)

Order: Cephalaspidea  Family: Haminoeidae

Maximum Size: 4 mm

Sightings: Sunshine Coast

Identification suggested by Bob Burn.

Name change: In the paper by Oskars et al, 2019, (A molecular phylogeny of the gastropod family Haminoeidae sensu lato (Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea): a generic revision), the genus Roxaniella has been brought out of synonymy with Atys and resurrected due to a clade being identified with the type species Roxaniella and all true Atys clustered elsewhere. The paper further states: “The genus Austrocylichna was erected by Burn (1974) for the species A. exigua from southern Australia. Burn (1974) commented on the similarities between the shell of A. exigua and the Mediterranean R. jeffreysi and referred to the possibility that the two genera could be synonymous.” and also “Therefore, the genus Austrocylichna is here considered a junior synonym of Roxaniella.”

This species was previously listed by us as Austrocylichna leucampyx.

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