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Tenellia pinnifera

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Tenellia pinnifera

Author: (Baba, 1949)

Order: Nudibranchia  Family: Fionidae

Maximum Size: 12 mm

Sightings: Whitsundays


Tenellia pinnifera (Baba, 1949)

A small aeolid nudibranch. The body is white or translucent white with numerous small white patches. The rhinophores are long and tapered and possess from 5 to 8, unusual and distinctive, semicircular ridges (incomplete annulae) along their length. Oral tentacles are long and tapered, being white with an orange/yellow band mid-length. The cerata are mostly translucent white with an opaque white band mid-length and an orange/yellow ring subapically, the very tip being opaque white. The digestive gland is visible through the translucent portions of each ceras as a brown tube. The anterior foot corners are rounded and the long tail, tapered, with white pigment dorsally.

Believed to feed on hydroids under shallow coral rubble.

Not a common species. Distribution is western and central Pacific – Japan across to Hawaii and down to the tropical east coast of Australia.

– Originally described as Cratena pinnifera from Japan.
– Some taxonomic sources use the name Catriona pinnifera. Other combinations previously used include: Cuthona pinnifera and Trinchesia pinnifera.
– It is possibly the Eubranchus sp. 03 of Marshall & Willan, 1999, whereby the low swelling mid-length on the cerata at the position of the opaque white band may have been misleading.

David A. Mullins – December 2023

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