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Trapania sp. 02

Species Profile

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Trapania sp. 02

Author: Undescribed

Order: Nudibranchia  Family: Goniodorididae

Maximum Size: 6 mm

Sightings: Sunshine Coast


We believe our Trapania sp. 02 is different to Trapania miltabrancha.

There are a number of statements in the description of Trapania miltabrancha that do not apply to our Trapania sp. 02. These include:
– The oral tentacles are relatively short and cylindrical with a rounded apex.
– The extra-rhinophoral appendages are relatively short, stout and have a curved apex
– The extra-branchial appendages are stout and curved posteriorly.
– The background colour is white with a complex pattern of dense patches of brown pigment punctuated with dots of the white background colour.
– The oral tentacles have the same brown and red-flecked pattern as the dorsum.
– The tips of the tentacles are white.
– The gill leaves are pale red.
A short, stocky body.

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