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Vellicolla muscaria

Species Profile

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Vellicolla muscaria

Author: (Gould, 1859)

Order: Cephalaspidea  Family: Haminoeidae

Maximum Size: 5 mm

Sightings: Sunshine Coast

Name change: In the paper by Oskars et al, 2019, (A molecular phylogeny of the gastropod family Haminoeidae sensu lato (Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea): a generic revision), they assert: Vellicolla gen. nov. is here introduced for a clade for which no generic name was available, with the type species Atys muscaria Gould, 1859 (Figs 1, 2, 11).”  Atys muscaria as the type species of Vellicolla gen. nov. was redescribed in the paper. We feel that the description closely matches the species illustrated above.

(This species was previously listed by us as Haminoea sp. 04)

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