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Covering the general biology of Sea Slugs, this book will grow as a standalone resource over time.  As each chapter is completed, it will be posted here.

The first chapter posted covers The Senses”, describing the sensory organs they possess that assist them to successfully relate to their environment, to respond or react and thus navigate their way through life.

The second chapter will be on Respiration” describing all the various types of gills or secondary respiratory structures possessed by the Sea Slugs.



    – The Senses

Coming Chapters:

   – Respiration

   – Predator Avoidance & Deterrence

   – Diet & Feeding

   – Reproduction & Spawning

   – Development

   – Sea Slug Types, Classification & Anatomy

   – Solar Powered Adaptations

   – Habitats

   – Movements

   – Associations

The Senses